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Using biodynamic and organic farming methods, Cloughjordan Community Farm is a member-owned, mixed farm on the Tipperary/Offaly border.
Since we started in 2008, we've been supplying fresh produce daily to over 60 households in the area.

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A Community Supported Farm 

What is a Community Supported Farm ?
Community Supported Farms improve the quality and
quantity of food available locally while reducing the environmental impact of
producing this food. Our farm is co-owned by the members.

How does it Work?
Members pay a regular contribution to cover administration, running costs and
wages of our growers. In return we all receive a regular supply of farm fresh
vegetables in season, delivered 3 times a week to a central collection point.

We also arrange regular farm walks, as well as training and educational events.
Download our latest newsletter, and join us on Facebook to keep up to
date with what's happening.

Can I Join?
If you can collect your produce in Cloughjordan , you're eligible to be a member -
it's as simple as that!
pricing structure means being a member and sharing all this quality produce
is affordable for everyone.
For more information about what's coming up, what we're doing, or if you want
to become a member please contact us!

All photos on this site were taken at Cloughjordan Community Farm.